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This is not the “Multi Use” product that does everything for every spot or odor.

It’s targeted to remove the foulest Dog & Cat Urine Odors quickly, unlike products that try to accomplish multiple tasks, only to end up masking the Pet odor.

Our awesome new product that permanently removes pet odors AND stains—all in a single step! Stains are removed by the natural power of oxygen while the odor bonding and encapsulating power of Hydrocide permanently eliminates odors.

It was designed for the worst pet urine contamination. Affected areas must be completely saturated. Odors are immediately eliminated without leaving strong and potentially offensive fragrances behind. Plus, the persistent yellowing stains that often accompany pet urine contamination are also removed

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Net contents: 16 oz.

Safely oxidizes urine odors and stains from nylon and olefin Carpet.

Stain and Odor Removal Instructions and Tips Locate urine damaged area with a black light
Outline each urine spot with coins placed around perimeter

Cleaning Carpet to Completely Eliminate Urine Odors and Stains
Locate urine damaged area with a UV (black light) and confirm by smell. Urine will glow a greenish blue color. However, not everything that fluoresces is urine. Therefore it is important to confirm with your nose which areas need treatment. Outline the affected areas by placing coins around the perimeter for easy location without the UV light.

Mix enough Urine Eliminator to saturate the area. For carpets with pad, pour the mixed product on the area using enough to saturate the carpet, pad and floor. Allow to dwell for 30 minutes. Using a folded towel remove as much moisture as you can by applying steady pressure or best use your shop vac or small carpet steamer. Smell the treated area to confirm that the odor is eliminated. Occasionally some odor will remain after this treatment requiring a second application. Repeat the procedure if this is the case. Use a fan to dry the area as quickly as possible.

If you get any solution on carpet adjacent to furniture, be careful to use aluminum foil under legs or even a wooden block under larger furniture. This is important because wood stain could transfer to the carpet fibers making a permanent stain.

Cleaning Furniture to Eliminate Urine Odors and Stains
Furniture can be treated the same as carpet but keep in mind that Urine Eliminator needs to reach all the affected areas. This means the foam cushion needs to be treated as well. Sometimes the foam can be taken out but in most furniture this isn’t practical or advisable. Colorfastness should be checked first in an inconspicuous area.

Eliminating Urine Odor on Area Rugs
Treating Area rugs made out of olefin, nylon, or polyester are no problem. Wool can be a little trickier since it is more arpet sensitive to high pH cleaners. After treating a wool rug with Urine Eliminator it should be thoroughly rinsed with a vinegar and water solution to neutralize the pH. Not doing so could cause yellowing or browning. Have no fear though because this condition is correctable with the vinegar and water solution even if it does occur.

Removing Urine Odors from Mattresses
Identify the extent of the urine contamination by sight or with the aid of a UV black light. Place a sheet of plastic under mattress to stop any seepage from treatment. Mix enough Urine Eliminator solution to treat the spots at a rate of 1 cup per gallon of HOT water. For cat urine odors use 2 cups per gallon. Apply mixed solution and carefully apply enough to cover affected area being careful not to use too much which may cause seeping through mattress. Blot up excess with a folded towel. If available, use a home carpet cleaner to help rinse solution or use clear water or water mixed with a small amount of vinegar. Use a fan to accelerate the drying process.

Urine Stains on Walls, baseboards, etc. Clean Up with Urine Eliminator
Urine Eliminator can be used on any fabric or surface that is water safe. However, some areas can be difficult to treat like the bottoms of drywall or baseboards. These surfaces are best treated by “sealing” in the problem. If a dog has urinated on a wall or a cat has sprayed, you may have to remove the baseboard to reach all the affected areas. Confirm the extent of the damage with a UV light. A clear lacquer or enamel spray paint can be used to permanently seal the problem in place. Krylon® paint is very good for this. It dries fast and comes in different sheens (flat, semi-gloss and gloss) to match the surface you are treating.

Tips for Urine Odor Clean Up
Winter vs. Summer
A bacterium digesting the urine is what causes the pungent odor. This bacteria needs a moist environment to survive so many times the odor will significantly decrease when the urine spots completely dry up. In fact, I’ve seen many situations where an extensive urine problem goes completely unnoticed in the winter time. Then as the weather warms up and the humidity level rises, the urine salts reabsorb moisture which reactivates the bacteria and therefore the odor reappears.

Cat Urine Odor Elimination
When looking for cat urine, your focus should be within a foot of the baseboard as well as a foot up the wall if a male cat is the culprit.

Dog Urine Odor Elimination
Generally they will go in all the open areas away from the walls. With males however, they will commonly lift their leg contaminating walls, furniture, and drapes.

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